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Phyllis Hobe
CFB (Comfort From Beyond)



I have recently finished working on a challenging series of nineteen books for Guideposts, and I hope you will find it as fascinating as I do. The series is titled COMFORT FROM BEYOND, and it is filled with true stories that explore the meaning of death and God's promise of heaven. Some of the books in the series also contain stories of God reaching out to us through those we know and love to help us find solutions to life's problems. Stories about times when we may be lost along our way, we may have taken a wrong turn, we may need to be rescued, or we simply don't have the answer to our problem. We're about to give up - when suddenly the way or the answer becomes clear to us.

To me, death is a part of life, not the end of it. Our faith tells us that death is the doorway to a life more wonderful than anything we can imagine while we are here on earth. It is the beginning of forever, a time of peace and joy in the company of God and his beloved son Jesus. And those who have gone before us will be waiting to welcome us to heaven.

In the meantime, however, we often have our doubts. when we lose a loved ones, we hunger for assurance that we will be reunited with that person someday. We wonder if there really is such a place as heaven, and if we will eventually live there. How can we be sure?

By listening for the voice of God--as he speaks to us though the experiences of ordinary people who have heard him.


In 2006 I will be involved with the series, WHEN MIRACLES HAPPEN, for Guideposts, and I will be looking for original, true stories to include in these books. Take a look at our new website - When Miracles Happen - for more information on the books, and the submission criteria, all online now!


Thank you, Phyllis







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